VirtualBox ゲストOSからホストOSへの接続(備忘録として)




9.11 Fine-tuning the VirtualBox NAT engine

9.11.1 Configuring the address of a NAT network interface

In NAT mode, the guest network interface is assigned to the IPv4 range 10.0.x.0/24 by default

where x corresponds to the instance of the NAT interface +2. So x is 2 when there is only one

NAT instance active. In that case the guest is assigned to the address, the gateway is set to and the name server can be found at

If, for any reason, the NAT network needs to be changed, this can be achieved with the following


VBoxManage modifyvm "VM name" --natnet1 "192.168/16"

This command would reserve the network addresses from to

for the first NAT network instance of “VM name”. The guest IP would be assigned to and the default gateway could be found at


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